5th Semester Archive


Download Syllabus for B.Sc CSIT Fifth Semester

  In this semester we need to read Computer Network, Simulation and Modeling, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Knowledge Management, Microprocessor Based Design, Applied Logic, E-Governance, Concepts of Wireless Networking, International Business Management, International Marketin, Computer Hardware Design, Introduction to Cryptography. To download the syllabus for above subject click the link below: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>B.Sc. CSIT Fifth Semester Syllabus<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< For more notes and study


Model question for Design and Analysis of Algorithm.

Tribhuvan University Institute of Science and Technology. MODEL QUESTION PAPER BSc CSIT                                                                                                                       Full Marks: 80 5th  Semester                                                                      


Assignment on Random Variables and Expectation

1. Define discrete and continuous random variables with suitable examples. A Continuous random variable X has the following density function f(x) = kx (1- x) , 0<x <1 0 , otherwise Find the value of k show that the total probability would be 1.Also find E(X). 2. The probability that there is